Company management wants to see a measurable return from the money spent on producing and delivering eLearning, CBT or WBT. They also may want to see a comparison of the Return-on-Investment (ROI) for the eLearning compared with that for standard classroom training.. The ROI is calculated by comparing the development cost of the eLearning with a measurement of increased productivity or contribution to the company bottom-line.

It is important in the business world for providing training of a company's personnel and customers, as well as a means for students and consumers to learn various subject matters on their own. Organizations using eLearning can become leaders in their fields.

Deployment of good CBT or WBT is that it is not only faster than classroom training (and nearly always cheaper over 1-2 years), it is also better. People learn better with eLearning. They remember what they learn more accurately and longer (retention) and they are better able to use what they learn to improve their performance (transfer).

Fill in the orange sections of the Microsoft Excel worksheet below. The final number in yellow shows you the expense of a classroom training session. As you can see you are only reaching a small number of trainees at this expense.

With multimedia, the trainees are unlimited and extremely cost effective. Multimedia training is a fraction of the cost of traditional stand up lecture led classes.

Training that can be used on both CD's and the web.

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