Research shows that when interactive multimedia training is used, the retention level is as high as 75%, because the trainee can learn in a self-paced environment. In addition, the trainee has the ability to repeat the material if not understood the first time without adding additional costs to the program.

The CBT can be offered in many languages throughout the world. The average costs for designing, directing, and producing a five-hour CD is significantly more cost effective than an instructor-led program. The increasing cost of travel expenses reduces the number of trainees allowed to be taught in an instructor-led program, however with multimedia CD’s, the number of trainees is unlimited. This means employees, field engineers, marketing and sales can be trained quicker and more effectively without limitations.

Highly technical CD’s have been designed to support installation, configuration, and maintenance of the manufacturer’s products, including presentations for product launches which have included Fortune 500 companies. In addition the CBT has the ability to monitor student progress in learning phases, and record answers to quizzes and test exercises. These exercises include multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true and false. They also include complex simulations requiring integration of the material.